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FWIW, that hack was done to avoid bad tearing/flickering in HACHOO, that you can easily notice in the attract mode when you are flying on the cloud. Look at the Chinese Wall.

At the times, PHANTASM was not supported, so I never bothered myself to check if that hack was causing problems to it when it was added to the driver. It seems I was wrong :)

You rightly removed it, but now HACHOO is still bugged. To reduce the flickering, you can change the "SCANLINE==16" to "SCANLINE==0" in the timer interrupt function. For what I tested, it doesn't seem to break anything else, but it would be better if you check by yourself too.

This is just a suggestion, feel free to implement the scanline change or not, it's not a problem. :)


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Hmmm.... Yes, actually in official MAME it looks much more better than the last time I checked it, probably at least 10 years ago(!). Well, so no need of source changes. Fine.

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