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eye candy = crap?

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wif all the top end video cards an hardware comming out wat has happen to playability?... no doubt im gonna get flamed here(ok theres a "few" good games).... but ok wif all then games comming out an there "stunning graphics" things seem to b lackin...is it just me? maybe i just gettin old but give me old skool games anyday...opinions? (i can take the abuse :) )

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I have discussed this matter on the ZSNES board a while ago...

It seems that more and more companies make rushed jobs when making games and pay little attention to how the game actually plays... A good example would be Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness and Devil May Cry 2. (although the latter isn't a PC game.)


Sure, the graphics looks nice, but what happened to the gameplay? It quite horrendous.


You do have a point in your topic: As of late, graphics seem to be the topmost thought in the developers' brains and gameplay comes after netplay I guess...

Of course, if the gameplay sucks major ass, then netplay won't contribute anything.

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