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Does anyone have a Mame Cheat with the Guile Handcuffs for Street Fighter 2 Arcade

user 010

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Guile Glitches 

Does anyone have a Mame cheat.zip that can cut the guile handcuffs on or off or can do the guile handcuffs with the push of one button 

or a Mame echeat.zip that can do all the guile glitches with the push of one button and cut the Guile glithces on or off

please send download link

Guile Freeze Himself (aka "Pose" and Statue"):



Guile's Handcuffs (aka "Freeze the enemy"):




Guile Invisible Throw (aka "Shadow Throw," "Magic Throw," "Phantom Throw":




Guile Reset the Machine (aka blackout):

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