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ARCADE64 0.243


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  • 2 weeks later...

Tiger Heli visable screen is incorrect as if you move all the way to thr right your heli goes off screen. Some of the pixels from the right side of the screen is on the left side of the screen.

Pic showing pixels from right side of screen on left side of screen.


Pic showing heli dissapearing on right side of screen you can just see the blades of the heli.


Pic showing heli on left side of screen


Can you please look into it & if i'm right report it Robert Thanks



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Thanks mamesick it was clearly not tested before the changes but an easy fix as you said for now, I think Robert will use it hopefully prompting whoever it was assigned to make the calculations & a proper fix, but weird MAME won't use it until then.

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I mentioned this to the responsible person and he said he's hoping to get it fixed before the next release. So let's see if that works out.

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