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ARCADE64 0.242


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I've noticed broken graphics on U.N. Defense Force - Earth Joker (c) 1993 Visco Corp. ( earthjkr ) it's in the intro screen when the cards appear the dog tags are broken graphics when compared to the other 3 sets.   Also on the prototype you can see that the text isn't as much cropped off as compared to the other 3 sets picture here & arrows pointing to where you can see more of txt.


But on the normal sets it's more cut off as you can see here so I don't know if it's meant to be like that or not but imho the txt is cut off in all 4 sets but not as much on the prototype. Picture here


So can you report the broken graphics on ( earthjkr ) as it does say that a patch was applied to this set as marked as bad dump & also look into the txt on the images.


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It's Leezer, and you can reply to the topic he made at mameworld, in the news section. He doesn't visit much though, so it could be a while before he sees it.

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