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HBMAME 0.240 released


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What's new in HBMAME

2022-01-26 0.240


New Games
- [abyssal]             Abyssal Infants (early version)
- [cabalng1]            Cabal (Neo Geo Port, sprite fix)
- [ddonpachjh]          DoDonPachi (Japan, hack)
- [dkongdu1]            Donkey Kong Duel v1.01
- [ffightaefc]          Final Fight 30th Anniversary Edition Fair Challenge (2022-01-18)
- [hypernoid]           Hypernoid (2021-11-28)
- [looptris]            Looptris (2021-12-26)
- [neopang]             Neo Pang
- [sailormndc1]         Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon (Director's Cut) v1.4
- [teotb]               The Eye of Typhoon (Tsunami Edition, beta) (2022-01-05)
- [timesup]             Time's Up!

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11 hours ago, Robert said:

Hyperscorpio: it seems to be there.

fumanchu: There's a bunch of cps3 hacks, but I don't know if the ones you want are there. You might need to compare rom hashes.

it was these ones.


but i think you already do have them in hbmame,i am not looking for the roms myself,i was just wondering if they were in hbmame.

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