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Autofire settings not work when restarting the emulator


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After loading a neogeo game if configuring in Inputs \ Autofire Player 1 A-B-C-D to example 15 fps to any key and starting the game the autofire settings works.
In a random next time starting Raine32 loading the neogeo game configured with autofire will has one or two autofire buttons missing not working in gameplay and not being displayed in configuration menu Inputs \ Autofire.
Example loading a neogeo game only button B-C-D had loaded the autofire settings and the button A not is displayed in menu Inputs \ Autofire.
In some times when moving inside the menu Inputs \ Autofire happen issues in menu exactly how is explained in the link below and others autofire settings has wrong fonts, but the loaded autofire continue working in gameplay.

Is random when will be next start up Raine emulator happening that issue.
That issue happen in Raine since previous versions before 0.90.

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Just tested with sonicwi2, added 3 autofires because I had already 1 for p1 a, configured their buttons, quit, relaunched, everything is here with the right speed setting for the autofire.

Did you use the command quit to quit and not closing the window ?


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I had this autofire button configured for months, so it would be an extremely rare occurence... screenshot useless in this case.
It's probably not random, but good luck to find the cause in this case !

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