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ARCADE64 0.237


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It's mentioned that the hi score saving now goes to a different folder in MAME has it changed in ARCADE too ?


The location the hiscore support plugin uses to store its data and configuration has changed. You won't lose your high scores, but you need to move the .hi files from the hi folder to the hiscore folder in your plugin data (homepath) folder.

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On 11/3/2021 at 4:53 AM, Robert said:

I'd class those as "mechanical" and they could never be considered usable. So, they are removed.

There is a few more in the mechanical folder, but due to be as 2D games i won´t wanna see removed, only if there are not a TV screen.

I do now know how screenless this do too. I won´t be any 2D or 3D game too. They are black screen anyways we won´t need it. 

World PK Soccer for example is a mechanical machine, but due being arcade using tv screen it will be accepted as Arcade Game.

Thank you! 

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