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xHexen, xHexen2, and xShadow Warrior (Updated)


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update by law3
xHexen: Added official mission pack Deathkings of the Dark Citadel and two good quality, hub-based mods, confirmed to work on Xbox: Dark Portal and Stonegate. Additionally I added small wad fix for Deathkings, because the original PC version doesn't play the music! I corrected this for Xbox.[/quote]

update by law3
[quote]Ripped the music again, because the original release had contained a few cracks and errors in the audio. Then I reversed the OGG track order so it finally matches the MIDI order. Track02 is absent, because there is an error in XBE and Track02 doesn't play at all. Adding "+1" to each track's name solved the problem (sic!).[/quote]

update by law3
[quote] xHexen2 with Portal of Praevus mission pack. I did it in a dirty way and I am nice enough to share. It is really dirty, it is even stupid, but if something is stupid and works, then it is good. The levels, the scripts, new enemies, new CD-Audio music work. Usual character class select and skill select don't work, but I included a workaround - see the readme file.[/quote]

xShadow Warrior
update by law3
[quote]Added Wanton Destruction (official add-on released for free) and Twin Dragon (another failed official add-on turned into normal mod). PC version of Wanton Destruction contains critical errors. Bosses do not drop keys after defeat and player is unable to advance further into the game. I corrected this for Xbox.[/quote]




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