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ARCADE64 0.235


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On 8/29/2021 at 6:17 AM, Robert said:

@18PhoenixThe only missings for me are the CHDs, since I do not collect them. Are you sure you have the correct roms? Some were changed a couple of months back.

Also, ask mame to verify your roms with the -verifyroms command-line option.


Now I know where the mistake is:

Normally my romsets are zipped.
But for CHD I decided to make a rom folder including the CHD file AND all other files, so unzipped, instead of having a folder AND a zip file.
Mame doesn't handle that correct !!!  Standard way is to have a folder with the CHD file and the rest files zipped outside the folder.
In my rom examples the filenames differ between splited and merged sets (don't know why).

Here's the chat about this topic at the official clrmamepro forum : https://www.emulab.it/forum/index.php?topic=6183.msg20994

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I didn't try to follow the conversation regarding parent and clones with different names.


However, if your files are loose in a folder of the game name, mame can only check by filename - it doesn't have an inbuilt crc generator.

If your files are compressed with zip or 7z, mame will enquire in the file's header as to the crc values, and grab the first one that matches - even if it's the wrong one. Then it will compare that file size, sha1 and crc to what is in the rom definitions. If there's something wrong it will complain. You can do some overriding by using a wanted filename, even if the crc doesn't match.

CHDs by tradition are not included in the compressed file, so therefore MAME will only look by filename. Once found, it will look at the internal sha1 which is stored in the chd header, and match that with the rom definition.

In the end though, MAME does what it wants, and CMPRO does what it wants. They are not made for each other. There's plenty of other rom managers out there, and many of them are easier to use.

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Thanks for your answer 😄

15 hours ago, Robert said:

 There's plenty of other rom managers out there, and many of them are easier to use.

Oh, never used something different and never had problems. Until now ...

What can you recommend as a good and easy manager for split sets ?

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15 hours ago, Agard said:

clrmamepro is easy to use as i figured it out & i'm stupid trust me when it comes to pc things plus there's a youtube vid i think but when i do next release i'll video & talk you through it

Thanks, but clrmamepro is very easy, I've used it always. But clrmamepro is the problem here, so I search for a different one.

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