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ARCADE64 0.235


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Hello and thanks again for the new Arcade gem. 😄

I found some audit mistake (they exists since some versions).
Now with 0.235 the third example has come up (gtrfrk2mja) so I want to report and ask for a solution.

Here Mame is searching for romfiles for a clone in the parent folder.
These files are there (compare the CRCs) but Mame is looking for the wrong names.
After copying the affected files (the "old" names are still needed for the parent itself) and renaming them the audit is successful.

Of course, clrmamepro does not like these files.

I found these 3 examples:






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On 8/29/2021 at 6:17 AM, Robert said:

@18PhoenixThe only missings for me are the CHDs, since I do not collect them. Are you sure you have the correct roms? Some were changed a couple of months back.

Also, ask mame to verify your roms with the -verifyroms command-line option.


Yep, I'm sure. You can see it in my pics.

Example bs4thmix:

How you can see in the left pic in the Audit details, Mame is search for four 847kaa... files, and it searches in the parent bm4thmix. In ROM details the needed CRC values are shown.

In the right pic you can see in the the ROM details of the parent, that the need roms are there (CRC !!!). But with different names, 847jaa...

If I copy this 847jaa... inside the same folder and rename them to 847kaa..., Mame is happy.

Even clrmamepro isn't finding the missing files in the parent folder. Normally it's noticing correct files and renames them. But the originally 847jaa... files are still needed by the parent so it doesn't touch them.

847jaa... from parent and 847kaa... from clone should MERGE but they do not.

It should be like this:
For the clone bs4thmix Mame looks in the parent bm4thmix for the 847jaa... files, which are there and correct (CRC!). That's it.

Same with the other 2 examples.

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