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HBMAME 0.233 released

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What's new in HBMAME

2021-06-30 0.233

- kof97t is now working

New Games
- [blazstarcm]          Blazing Star (Stage Select hack)
- [crimecb]             Crime City (unknown hack)
- [dkongbp]             Donkey Kong Barrelpalooza v1.06
- [ffightaebv]          Final Fight 30th Anniversary Edition Brutal Version 2021-05-28
- [knightsdt]           Knights of the Round (Death's Thread)
- [knightssa]           Knights of the Round (Squire's Aid)
- [knightswt]           Knights of the Round (Warlock's Tower)
- [sf2mix100]           Street Fighter II: Champion Edition (Mix 1.0)
- [ssf2tnl4]            Super Street Fighter II Turbo (New Legacy v0.4 beta 2020-11-13)
- [ssf2tnl5]            Super Street Fighter II Turbo (New Legacy v0.5 beta 2021-06-11)


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