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ARCADE 0.232


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3 hours ago, Robert said:

MAME got rid of the global memory pool. ARCADE64 used this twice, once for icons (like all winui variants), and again for a sorted_source list.

The sorted_source uses bsearch and qsort which are incompatible with the replacement, so that entire feature has been commented out. Sorting by source seems to work anyway, so unless I've missed something this sorted_source thing might not be needed.


If my memories are still correct... that sorted_source is used in datafile.cpp for faster access to source files list when displaying mameinfo.dat details, in particular the info about source files.

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Sounds like it isn't really very important. I'll leave the commented-out code in for now, and if nothing happens during next month I'll delete it all.

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15 hours ago, StHiryu said:

This is not an issue and can be configured in the mame.ini options:

mouseprovider             win32

This way the mouse is locked inside the window.

I tried that and for the most part, it does the job, however, if i move the mouse too fast, it stops getting locked.
I also tested this again in the original Mame and if i move the mouse too fast, it might show it goes outside but it goes back to the center.
Let's just say that it semi-fixes it, still im fine with that.

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