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ARCADE 0.232


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Many thanks, but still broken since 0.230, so already the third time.

Will it never be fixed ?

After endless years of perfection it changed from my favorite build to absolutely useless like this for me.

Still saving no audit changes and no custom filter settings and generating an unused mame.ini in the mainfolder.

The ini handling must be totally broken somehow.


A simple and fast test shows it without having any roms or other additional needs:

Extract the arcade232.7z to a folder, start arcade64.exe, choose section CHD.

Rightclick on CHD and choose custom filter: not working

First game is now Area51. Mark it and leave arcade.

If now starting again:

1.) the filter should still be set.

2.) it should have marked at the last game Area51.

Both is not the case !!!

Same with audit:

Add any good roms, run audit, the rom is shown green.

Leave Arcade and restart it. All is grey again.


I love Arcade and I can't believe it's given up getting no fixes.

Btw. I'm always on newest Win10, so now at 21H1.

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I can confirm the ugly bug. It seems nothing is saved on exit.

Though, if you don't change the Custom Filters, all is working as expected and all options are correctly saved on exit.

The MAME.INI that is generated on the root is useless and should be deleted manually. It's not used at all, when you change something in the Default Options the changes are correctly saved in \INI\MAME.INI and parsed correctly when you launch a game.


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Posted (edited)


Thanks for confirming.

Worse than the missing filter saves (only one click) is the missing save of the a new audit status (some few minutes of waiting).

And if you don't change the filters, it only works if never used filters.
But having an old interface.ini with filters already inside, the prog crashes while loading.
So it even can't handle good ini files at the moment.

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Hi folks 2day i wanted Final fight Revenge to be the euro so i changed it using the bios but it didn't work & made ARCADE 0.232 crash, it took quite a few trys plus having to delete the ini file as well. what is the proper way is it select the euro bios then apply then ok, because sometimes selecting euro then doing that it just went to a default green then sometimes crashes ARCADE. Can you try & reproduse ARCADE crashing please THANKS

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The crash with BIOS change/selection in the GUI is confirmed. The option is saved in a corrupted way.

A "good" fix seems to change line 2918 and line 2956 in \WINUI\PROPERTIES.CPP to:

const char *biosname = core_strdup(ROM_GETNAME(rom));

this will alloc some extra not wanted memory, so at the end we should use:

biosname = NULL;

At least now it works. @Robert

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