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Raine 0.91.15, hopefully the last fixes version for the 0.91 branch !


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It's almost only fixes, but there are quite a few :
neocd/neogeo :

- unlikely incompatibility between mslug2 & pbobblen, this fixes both this time.
 - there were some problems in neocd with speed hacks, they are now disabled for the kof games and kabukikl

 - still on neocd, there was a crash when reading an audio track merged with the main data track, this worked before, but anyway it's fixed.

 - old capcom savegames prior to some time in march 2020 couldn't be restored anymore, I added a callback to fix things on the fly, it might not work for all  the games, I don't have savegames for all of them, but it should work for most of them.
 - the year is updated automatically now
 - there was a strange "stack smash" on my laptop when opening the console, it happens only on this computer, which has exactly the same software setup as my main computer, so it's probably a gcc bug, but for now I disabled their stack protection to work around that, even if it's required only for 1 file related to the console, I disabled it everywhere.

cheats :
 - the scripts can now handle more than 100 arguments, required for some cheats about the starting level !
 - fix pbobble2/2o/2x always on help line cheat
 - fix pbobble2 alternate world levels cheat

 - fix cheats comments containing ", and handle multi-line comments for cheats, the bottom line of the screen will "flash" if the comment is too long, just click on it to get the full comment. Example of such a cheat : the last one for strider.
 - and by the way finally update the default background color to be darker and less transparent, I did it here on my default settings a long time ago but I should have committed it, here it is, handy to be able to read these big comments for the cheats. (if you keep your settings while updating and want to try the default new color, just delete the bg_color line in rainex_sdl.cfg/raine32_sdl.cfg in the config directory).


That should be all, I really hope it's the last 0.91 version, I deleted all 0.91 versions prior to 0.91.10, there were too many fixes this time.

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Sorry to intrude, but I think "Garou: Mark of the Wolves" is broken in this new version :-(

Using the 32-bit version this time.

EDIT: Other Neo-Geo games also show glitches, like "Neo Turf Masters".


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If I am not mistaken, you got the info about garou which might have problems from me ? I knew I should have tested it !

And for neo turf masters, not this time yeah.

Well too bad, I need a break from testing too many things, I'll look into this eventually, but not now !

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No, for some reason "Garou" was the first game I tried this time.

"Turf Masters" was another obvious choice, it's my favourite Neo-Geo game and the only golfing game I like.

If these two have issues, I guess other Neo-Geo games will too.

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Actually I had a quick look out of curiosity : I can't reproduce these problems in linux, but I don't understand yet why they are windows specific, there is nothing afaik specific to windows in this code !

There might be a problem with the gcc for windows ? Not sure yet, anyway I'll need more time for this.
Anyway so far :
for neo turf masters the quickest way to reproduce is how to play from main menu, shows garbage in windows, perfect in linux, no idea why yet. (neocd)

For garou : I played a stage without problem, windows seems ok too but I didn't go far in windows, where did you have a problem ?

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For me, "Garou" shows some artifacts / flicker while loading / in the main menu. Screen then goes black when I try to choose a character.

"Neo Turf Masters" shows the above illustraded glitches and some wrong colors, but does reach in-game and is playable. Sort of.

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Try to disable the speed hacks in neocd options...

garou should work fine with speed hacks disabled, I'll remove its speed hack for good in the source, the mystery is why did this thing worked at a time and not anymore ? But anyway it already created too much problem, better remove it.

For neoturf it's a totally different problem in windows, absolutely no idea why there is a difference with linux for now !

finally able to reproduce neo turf master's problem in linux... in windowed mode only, in fullscreen it's perfect !
Never saw something like that before !

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Alright finally found the problem and it made me crazy since it didn't make any sense, it's related to the gui in opengl, I can't explain how exactly, but it creates a strange problem in the rendering here. The last version with a working neo turf master was 0.91.7, just at the moment where I decide to delete the old useless builds, I couldn't have guessed such a super strange bug was hidden there !

Well the bug can't be fixed for now, it would mean taking back the opengl gui which would take back the big bugs which were here in fullscreen for windows, and that would be all the drivers, not just this one.

So for now it will stay like that, I'll try to finish an sdl2 version which should fix that too, but it will take time.


For garou it's a non problem, just disable the speed hacks and it will be ok, the weirdness here is that speed hack worked at a moment, so I wonder what broke it but anyway it's easy to work around the problem.

Sorry for neo turf masters !

I can reupload some 0.91.7 win32 binary anyway, I might do that.

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To be slightly more precise on this bug, it's not the emulation itself which has a problem, it's the final blit which should display its result, the blit is unstable in this configuration and sometimes it has problems like here. Nothing can be done in the current situation, it's pushing sdl-1.2 to its limits, but since it's unmaintained the only solution is to switch to sdl2... !

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