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Mameoxtras 2021 (new update)


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mameoxtras 2021
by gamezfan

Whats New in MAMEoXtras 2021

new games now supported
Head On Channel
Oo Parts
Steel Worker
Success Joe

new working games
Off Road Challenge (Too slow on original Xbox)
Wonderboy In Monsterland (Official Japan Sets)

games with graphical improvements
Aero Fighters / Sonic Wings
Flying Tiger
Karate Blazers
Planet Probe
Power Spikes / Super Volley 91
Spinal Breakers
Turbo Force

games now with improved sound
Ashita no Joe / Success Joe
Perfect Soldiers / Superior Soldiers
Pochi And Nyaa
Trojan / Tatakai No Banka

neogeo changes
Ported across the NeoGeo driver from MAME2003-Plus
which features the proper M1 and PCM2 sound decryption
as per MAME128.

Removed support for many hacked, decrypted and bootleg
Kawaks romsets and replaced them with the proper official
versions, this is simply due to the fact that these romsets
are nigh on impossible to trackdown nowadays plus your
better off playing the proper versions of these games

Only the following games and some bootlegs associated with
them are affected you'll need new romsets as we now support
a new M1 sound rom.

new official neogeo romsets
Bang Bang Busters
Metal Slug 4
Metal Slug 5
Pochi And Nyaa
Power Instinct Matrimelle
Rage Of The Dragons
Samurai Shodown 5
Samurai Shodown 5 Special
Svc Chaos - SNK Vs Capcom (MVS)
The King Of Fighters 2000
The King Of Fighters 2001
The King of Fighters 2001 (set 2)
The King Of Fighters 2002
The King Of Fighters 2003

new neogeo bootlegs
King of Gladiator (The King of Fighters '97 Bootleg)
The King of Fighters '97 Plus
The King of Fighters '98 (Korean board, set 1)
The King of Fighters 10th Anniversary
The King of Fighters 10th Anniversary 2005 Unique
The King of Fighters 10th Anniversary Extra Plus
The King of Fighters 2001 (NGH-2621)
The King of Fighters 2002 Magic Plus
The King of Fighters 2002 Magic Plus II
The King of Fighters 2002 Plus
The King of Fighters 2002 Plus (bootleg set 2)
The King of Fighters 2003 (bootleg set 1)
The King of Fighters 2003 (bootleg set 2)
The King of Fighters 2003 (Decrypted)
The King of Fighters 2004 Plus / Hero
The King of Fighters 2004 Ultra Plus
The King of Fighters Special Edition 2004

general fixes and improvements
Ashita no Joe sound fixes / CPU clock frequencies [arcadez]
Added support for Success Joe [mahoneyt944]
Fixed the official japan versions of Wonderboy In Monsterland [arcadez]
Added PCM2 sound decryption [arcadez]
Fixed bad sounds in Pochi And Nyaa [arcadez]
Added encrypted KOF bootlegs and hacks [odarknighto]
Added support for Snk Vs Capcom - Svc Chaos (MVS) [arcadez]
Ported NeoGeo M1 decrypted program from MAME128 [odarknighto]
Fixed some graphical problems in Planet Probe [arcadez]
Fixed incorrect colours in Flying Tiger [arcadez]
Fixed music tempo in SNK's Athena [arcadez]
Fixed some serious sound troubles in Trojan / Tatakai no Banka [arcadez]
Fixed collisions logic for Thunder Cross [arcadez]
Fixed game speed and inputs for the M92 version of Dream Soccer [mahoneyt944]
Added missing Dac sounds for Kabuki-z [arcadez]
Fixed bad sounds in Perfect Soldiers / Superior Soldiers [mahoneyt944]
Fixed various graphical niggles for all the games in aerofgt.c [arcadez]
Fixed graphical niggles and a random crashing bug in Popeye [arcadez]
Added support for two hoarded Sega C2 games Head On Channel and Oo Parts [arcadez, grant2258]
Hooked up the VMM for the new NeoGeo romsets [arcadez]







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On 2/8/2021 at 6:12 AM, Buttcher87 said:


Any way you could add this to the Mameoxtras build?

Well i did add it for testing purposes to my own MAMEoXtras build before i then ported it across to the MAME2003+ core

Trust me the xbox does not have the power under the hood to emulate this game correctly it's unplayable more or less.

Edited by gamez fan
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1 hour ago, fumanchu said:

would it be playable in mameox 0.72?

with the hacked midway drivers?

Oh it doesn't use the midway drivers, it runs on Itech32 hardware being a joint effort between Midway and Incredible Technologies

funny enough i had it up and running in both MAMEoX72 and MAMEoXtras it performs the same more or less it both cores it's way

to slow to be playable on the xbox as per some other games in that driver like say Drivers Edge or Street Fighter The Movie.


TBH i never meant to support this one on the xbox as going how the above games performed and the fact there are no speedups for

the game and it uses some nifty photo realistic gfx as per NBA Jam etc etc i knew it was gonna be slow hence my target was always

just going to be add it to test it out make sure it works and then port it across MAME2003+.

Edited by gamez fan
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|                      |              Correct|          |Screen | Internal |
| Game Name |Working|Colors | Sound | Flip | Name |
| Gaiapolis (Japan ver JAF) | Yes | Yes | Yes | Yes | gaiapols |
| Run and Gun (World ver. EAA 1993 | Yes | Close |Partial| Yes | rungun |

anyone can play this two games?

Sorry my English



Edited by box1694
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