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Hello, how can combine the src of HBMAME with the src of MAME / MAMEUI / ARCADE?

I use the MCAS program:  https://www.systempixel.fr/mame-compiler-automated-scripts/

I need a simple method to combine correctly the src of HBMAME with the src

of MAME / MAMEUI / ARCADE, it's possible to create a .diff patch for MCAS?

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I don't know anything about MCAS - you should ask them.

At one stage I was going to alter HBMAME so that the sources could simply slide into the other emulators, but decided it would be a waste of my precious time. Anyone who wants to do that will have to work it out for themselves.

Also, development of HBMAME has stopped for a while - there won't be any updates.

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I am trying in different ways, for example i tried also this method:
1) I got the hbmame folder from hbmame src (src ---> hbmame)
2) In store-master i added the hbmame folder in src path
3) I added the whole list of hbmame.lst in mame.list
4) For the parent duplicates i will removal later...
5) I started the compiler where it stopped at these errors.

I waste my time doing several tests, but at least a little help from you, at least a little help.

Why don't you create a new experimental git where you combine hbmame with arcade? You can call this git: store 2-prototype

Combine the latest hbmame src with the latest arcade src, i take care of development in wasting time...

I just need a little help in adding hbmame in arcade src without problems, regarding the duplicate parents, i can remove them.

With store 2-prototype if you help me get started, i'll take care of this development... ;)




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Should I call you ShinGokuZen?

The error indicates that you have not included hbmame.lua into your build.

As has been said here and elsewhere, I will NOT be doing your job or holding your hand.

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