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ARCADE 0.226


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ARCADE64  0.226 is released.


Download location: https://arcade.mameworld.info/



- Removed on-screen messages about no_dumps and bad_dumps

- Removed on-screen message about the game having no sound hardware

- Added xaudio2 for Win10 users

- fixed effects folder where the artpath has multiple directories

- removed cheatfile option, added cheat directory

- removed internal debugger option


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I'm going to confirm the IGS games are Arcade Games even being used poker.

Check the list games here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Games_System

It's a Classic Series, so those sources from IGS are missing in the catalog of this emulator.





MAME devs need to investigate more about this games, i don´t believe those are in the correct spot in the source.

Thanks. ^_^

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Hi There folks I have changed the bios file in ( ffreveng ) to Europe which in the title sequence it clearly shows Final Fight in the logo then it changes to Final Revenge & also when loading the cart shows Final Revenge unlike all the other Bios they show F. Fight Revenge so should the name of the game be changed To   Final Fight Revenge / Final Fight - Final Revenge   or   Final Fight Revenge / Final Revenge   as Europe bios in the title sequence it only speaks Final Revenge.   Europe clearly has a different name compared to all other bios regions & as MAME shows different names for other games that has a different name for different bios regions then this should apply too.

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Hi Robert can we have ( Samurai Shodown V Special (Final Edition, location test) added to ARCADE as reading all the info about it says there was a location test of it & is mentioned in MAME info.  I know it's on HBMAME but it seems strange not having it on ARCADE as other location test roms are on it. Can we have a poll on it so others can decide. Please & Thanks

I promise not to file a lawsuit if the poll doesn't go my way.    lol

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