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Which way are most mapping a controller these days ?

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Hi,  I used mameui in the distance past, but recently I switched to this emu "arcade" and I love it. I actually haven't been active with emulators in a while and I've seem to have forgotten a couple of things. With mameui I would always use a controller I had a wired 360 and sometimes I would use a PS2 controller via USB dongle for fighting games. But how I set them up in is that I would start the game and I would hit the TAB key and I would just select input/general and then I would map a four buttons and my D-pad and that would be good to cover 90% of games I play. But games like SF/KOF/Fighting games etc... Then for these I would TAB again but I would choose input/this machine and I would take the time to map light/med/hard moves to specific buttons on my already said controllers.

I noticed in the Arcade emulator there's the "Default game options' and within it is the controller mapping for multiple devices.  Should I be using that instead of my method I described above ? I've not known any other way. By the way what is  the most popular method do most controller using gamers use to map their controllers ?


Thanks a lot, I love this emulator please continue updating it.

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I don't use a controller, so I really can't answer your question.

What I believe is possible is that you can set up the buttons the way you like, run a game, exit. Then get the game's cfg file and copy it to ctrlr folder and give it a suitable name. Next time you want that particular setup, just select the new file.

Let us know if that works.

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