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I may have found metal slug 5.


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Hello i'm new here

Wish you a merry xmas.


I apologize for the English and like i am also a newbie, i dont understand too much from decrypt-encrypt issues.


I have problem with MSlug5


i have downloaded 2 versions of mslug5.zip and mslug5nd.zip


as you know mslug5nd.zip gives bad graphics.


mslug5.zip does not have the v roms and m rom

and c4 rom have different CRC (899FB2AF) from the nd.zip


i have combined v roms and m rom from "nd" zip to mslug5.zip

and get Z80 error.


then i changed p1 rom (5mb crc with E2) with the 8 mb from the nd.zip (the one with crc 3F) and again get Z80 error


Almost i forgot. I used K_loader.


So am i making mistakes or what is the problem?

Any suggestions.

Thanks in advance

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Ok people this is what I know about the current metal slug 5 ROMs doing the rounds.


A small percentage of the ROMS are correct, wile most of them are fake!

So it is not possibile to run this at the moment, if it was possibile someone would have found a way by now and we would all be in metal slug 5 heaven!


So just be patient and wait...

I know i hate waiting to i want it now now now now!!!!!!!

But it does not work that way, i promise whatever info i find and if it works etc i will post it up in here imediatly.

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What emu is that?

Jimmyi Emulator.

Only For Chinese

If You Can Find Other Language,Though

And Did You Wonder What Is The Word On Top Of The Emu?

Its 'Metal Slug 5'.

Thanks for that tidus :(

My ass. I tracked down that Mslug5 file and it comes packaged with that "jimmyi" emulator. It is actually a hacked version of nebula, and guess what? The rom still doesn't work...

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From what I gather, I need the decrypted P-roms, and that is the only thing I need to change in my zip for it to work. Question is, where to get those 2 decrypted p-roms....


Then again, I have no clue if that's what is really wrong...

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well mslug5nd.zip now works with a self compiled emu, just played it then. the emu runs in dos.. just made for the file and works quiet well. seems to be a "slight" lag but nothing to crazy. i didnt mind the game was alright, some ppl dont seem to like it thou. 46mins to finish it! yay

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