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I may have found metal slug 5.


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The rom i have boots up in NEO RAGE!!!! :-]


But its graphics are garbled.

Here is a couple of pictures.


Neorage emulation.


And here is my current CRC!



Which are the graphic roms becasue eveything else is fine ;-]


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I got the emsley romset, plus i found other two different p1 sets.


This is the one in the mslug5nd romset (same as emsley):

268_p1.rom CRC(3f1cf3d2) 8MB


Then I have this other two sets of p1:

ms5n_p1.rom CRC(e2e6617a) 5MB

ms5_p1.rom CRC(e7de677d) 5MB


Can it be of any help?

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