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latest raine, mame, xmame, fbsdl + plugins + sources for beos.... please?


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I'm looking for latest release of raine (also mame, xmame, fbsdl) + plugins + sources for beos.


Also I'm looking for the zsnes port for beos - bsnes (+ plugins + sources), which is,  according to this website:

zsnes for beos

released on beemulation website (which is down).


Please help me out.



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I'd be surprised if you did use it.

Looks like it was the OS for an ancient computer called the Bebox in 1995, then ported around, last release 2001, status discontinued.

Can't possibly support that.


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There's an archive of the website which probably isn't updated and download links aren't working:




Also I forgot to mention I'm looking for Caesar 0.80 (Mame) emulator for BeOS.


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