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MESS64, MESSUI64, MAMEUI64 0.221 released


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MESS, MESSUI and MAMEUI 0.221 are released.






- MESSUI / MAMEUI - Multipart software items will be loaded correctly via "SW Items".

- MESSUI / MAMEUI - Stability adjustments

- NewUI - If a multipart item had been loaded through MESSUI / MAMEUI / command-line, you can choose to load the other parts as needed

- NewUI - If a software-list item is loaded, you can view the usage (loading instructions), step by step as you work through the procedure.



If you wish to make available 32-bit versions of the above, please post the links here. Also please indicate if your builds work on XP.

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The official release of Mameui64 on mameui.info does not happen until after the official release of MAME - and who knows if that will ever happen. The person who does that job is tied up in real-life matters, and we've heard nothing from him for a week.

The executable used on the official mameui is the one I've created above, so go ahead and use it.

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