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How to flag favourite games

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i wonder if there is a way to set as "favourite" my roms, or how to create folders or similar...

for example i want to put in a folder some games i want to play later, just for "reminder" or things like this.

Is possible?


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Go to folders and create a .txt file, open and add this...

[Put the desire name you want it] -  "[My Favorite games]"

Put the rom "names" down here...

and etc...

In the end save it as the "name you want it" and create a .ini file.

You can use the Version.ini file as example to create a new one.



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Easiest way is right-click on a game and select "Add to Custom Folder". Then simply choose the desidered folder. If no choice present, simply create a custom folder following Hyperscorpio instructions.

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