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ARCADE64 0.220 released


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I think i found a problem with Arcade64 compared to the original MAME.
If i remember, games running with the source zr107 the emulator will have a massive lag that looks like its frozen but just runs very, very slow during the initializing screens.
Games running zr107 are: Jet Wave, Midnight Run: Road Fighter 2 and Winding Heat.
Pretty sure it also goes for the clones as well because i also tried some of them.

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Hi Robert,

I have a question regarding Arcade64: Many games seem to run slightly slower (about 5%) which effects the sound, it's suffering. Maybe the gameplay is 5% slower too, but that is hard to tell. When I run the same games using plain Mame64 (same directories, same INI and CFG and Plugin files etc.) they run at normal speed and sound is fine.

Could you imagine why this happens? I really tried a lot already but couldn't find  a reason. The slowed sound is a bit strange (I could upload samples if that helps). When started from the same directory, what difference is there between Arcade and Mame regarding the configuration? I'm lost.

As usual, thanks a lot for your assistance as well as your efforts to make these builds. They are really appreciated!


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