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Over 30,000 deaths here in the UK now which is second only to the US I believe. Been in lockdown here since late March but allowed out to exercise and shop for food. Judging by the amount of traffic on the roads you would never know we were in lockdown. 

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In Poland less than 900 deaths. People should wear masks but from what I see many people ignore this. Not to mention plenty people on streets. Everything is available except gloves.

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Monday i will get the 3rd shot vaccine pfizer because i want it. I Never get any covid, because i always use mask and stay at home. I'm asmatic. So... i had pills for allergies and i don´t have no problems to get infected. I have all vaccines twice since i born it even BCG too. Since 2016 that age kids don´t have it. It's unfair. Many reasons covid was strong.  


Looks like Italy never used this vaccine, many reasons why covid was very infected more then others at the beggining. 

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My 3rd shot isn't due until April, but I'll get it either this month or next. I don't care which vaccine.

I only go out when I have to (shopping mostly) and use the mask.

Here at least, if you catch covid you're 25 times more likely to end up in intensive care if you're unvaxxed. I don't understand the anti-vax crowd, but if they want to die a horrible death, that's up to them. Eventually they will be gone due to their own actions.

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Already received 3rd shot just like my wife. Both my kids are after second (the last one for kids here in Poland).

At my work we had one man that nearly died due covid. Only after this tragic moments most people I know and he know had vaccinated.

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