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ARCADE 0.214

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Hey Robert, I'm absolutely loving Arcade64!  Your work has not gone unappreciated, buddy.

Quick question, I had to reluctantly downgrade from the last release to Arcade 0.206, simply because it was the last release (that I'm aware of, anyways) that allowed you to save the 'Slider Controls' settings!  This little feature has saved me so much time and I loved having it as an option!

Was there a reason this ability was removed in later releases?   The whole discussion around "to save, or not to save the slider settings" is as infuriating as it is baffling.  I know the devs of MAME won't allowed it, strictly maintaining that:


The slider option is there as a Developer tool only and not viewed as a permanent solution; Any side-effects or other ills are not reportable as bugs.

Fair enough, but why not just refuse to accept any reports that have the -cheat flag enabled, altogether?  Oh wait, they already do!


"We already have that policy of not accepting reports from any -cheat derived report. That doesn't change the fact that sliders are not meant to be a permanent solution (as mentioned above) and are just another Developer tool."

So I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why this is such a heated point of contention... Then again, I'm no galaxy brain; Perhaps these settings inadvertently interfere with a myriad of other unrelated functions.  I honestly have no idea, I just want the ability to save my slider preferences back, once and for all!

And yes, I know a lot of people say that overclocking your CPU is retarded unless it's for Metal Slug 2 or Double Dragon but I'd have to disagree.  Plenty of games, beyond just MS2 and DD, seem to run at least a little smoother when I overclock the CPU, and I'd never had any issues that I could say were a direct result of said overclocking.

Sorry for the rant!  Anyways, I very much appreciate all the hard work and effort you've put into this excellent project!

Keep it up!

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Slider saving works as far as I can tell in the current version.

Things like overclocking are restricted to the cheat mode. However they've been enabled always in the current HBMAME - if people want that facility in ARCADE they only have to ask.

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I Talk to Creamymami, if he provides the pgm.c source from FBA Shuffle we was able to play all games not working as working is not avaliable in the official mame. You better check this out, all of them original works with no problems. Sadly it's a old source. ?

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