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samsho5.zip :: good, bad and ugly


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New characters:

either too powerful and cheezy (suija, yoshi, mina, sankuro "who is a mid boss btw")

or too useless (ratsumaru,enja, and that red thing, and the guy that flies.)


getting rid of the two bars was one of the biggest mistakes they made.



overall not a bad game, but still not a notch on SS4 or SS3




btw there's a storyline explaination faq on www.gamefaqs.com

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Suija is not a broken char, and the flying character is a very good character if you know how to use him.


Watch some tourney videos, and heck you will know what I mean.


Also, Sankuro is very easy if you know how to beat him.


Enja is definitely difficult to do the combo, but thats not all of his arsenal.


Very good anti-air and poking makes him good even without the combo, super deadly with the combo.


I use the flying guy almost all the time, and he is very fun to play, not to mention very strong.


Mina has very weak HP, so thats her weakness.


And Rasetsumaru, he is weak? Goodness, what are you smoking?

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The game is cool....I really like the char select music...


Yoshitora seems to be the lady's man here, not Ukyo...


and all the characters, some of them (like enja, suija, rera etc ) have bust moves


from the original characters...can't they be more original...


some colour for the characters are really bad, like Basara's highlighted green..


Mina is powerful, and really cute...i mean really cute...


rasetsumaru is crazy, but the thing is I never knew there were any combos in



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i think the game is great, but i dont like the direction they are going in. ss4 was so dark and serious, i loved it. i think the game's new characters look too 'rpg-ish' rather than samurai. that red thing is just freaky, i seriously got goosebumps when my cursor highlighted him in the charcter select screen. yoshitora looks freakin cool though, although i have to agree that he is one of the more cheesy characters. i think ukyo (my fav character) got cheated out of the this time around. i always thought he was one of the stronger characters in ss4, esp his bust mode. in my observations, his moves are slightly weaker. all in all, its still pretty damn fun and im thankful that another one was released.

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I know Yoshitora is overpowered, but the dude is too cool to not play. :D Like I said before, he looks almost exactly like that sword collector in the Rurouni Kenshin series (anyone know who I'm talking about?).


Yeah, and the whole mediation-mode-combos is also what keeps my interest in this game. And though there are balance issues, it's no where near that of MvC2 -- sorry, I hate that piece of crap. If some people made some effort to learn more about the mechanics of the game, they'd find that it still has a bit of depth and strategy behind it. Uh...if interested, watch some tourny vids and there are forums where players gather to talk strategy; early Jan. I have posted the links to these resources in its own thread, but I don't think anyone cared. :lol:

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