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ARCADE 0.206


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Yes it's missing. But does it do anything important?


Remember, patches are allowed if it makes a noticeable improvement. Just because it was there before doesn't mean that it's still needed now. In this case, the check of the game name string on every scanline is going to slow down all neogeo games.

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Please ask MameSick, I don't know but entire sprite hack should fix this - https://mametesters.org/view.php?id=2659

Some part of code changes sengoku2 code.


As for cidelsa driver I've re-uploaded in my previous post new one - looks like some parameters cannot be commented.

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I've downloaded the cidelsa file which I'll look at later.


That mametesters bug was closed, because the red flashes were verified to happen on real hardware. Why should we make it do something it never did? I'll think about it, but at this stage I can't see a reason to put it in.

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IIRC that neogeo raster hack was implemented upon request to "fix" some gfx glitches that happens on real hardware. The sengoku2 check can go away, yes, but the rest should stay, mostly the "screen().update_partial(scanline + 1);" is important because fixes the position of the raster beam in a lot of games like for example Zed Blade and golf games.

The check if raster irq is enabled (m_neogeo_raster_hack) could go away too but in this case the glitches mentioned above will appear again, mostly noticeables in Shock Troopers 2nd Squad intro.

It's up to you, Robert, there's no problem at all if you want to remove the code, I simply explained what it does.

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Hello, long time no see!

Thank you so much as always. :cat:


I tried some modify on neogeo raster hack.

As far as I can confirm, this hack following problems have been fixed:


- Garou : Extra round background animation loop sequence in Terry stage (https://mametesters....iew.php?id=3954)

- Crosses Sword 2 : Sprite flickering


(These are also fixed by current raster hack)

- Riding Hero : Some lines on the bottom of the road

- 2020 Super Baseball : '2020' text in attract mode

- Viewpoint : Sammy logo effect in attract mode


(These are works properly in official MAME, but broken by current raster hack)

- Master of Shougi : Water effect in title screen

- Sengoku 2 : One line at the bottom of the text zoom effect on the title screen


I found that delaying vblank timing by one scanline fixes Garou and Crosses Sword 2 problems

but I'm completely amateur so don't know the real hardware behavior so that's just guess.

Actually applying vblank offset to Galaxy Fight, raster effect is rather off by one line.

Therefore that's necessary not to apply to it.


'MAX_SPRITES_PER_LINE' change seems only need for some homebrew games (e.g. Neo Pong, Shadow of the Beast Demo)

but I think that these were may be originally created for emulators without sprite limit.


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