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Just tested raine in osx 10.13.3 : the old binary which was built with 10.12 and which is still on the site (0.64.10) doesn't work anymore, apparently it's a problem about security with self-modifying asm code... and since apple officially abandons 32 bits binaries, there is no point following them in their madness. In theory raine should be buildable on 10.13, except that brew already removed all its --universal options and even trying to edit the formulas to add the option back fails with an error while trying to build sdl-1.2 !

+ osx 10.13 becomes heavy and requires a powerful setup to run, while raine is light and runs everywhere !

So no more support for osx for the time being, I might eventually try one day to make a full c version of raine, which could run on any cpu and in 64 bits, so it would run even on this crappy osx, but as Antiriad says, raine without the asm wouldn't be exactly raine anymore... so I am not sure at all about this, plus it would take a lot of time, so it's probably going to remain a dream for now... !


It would be nice to be able to at least update the binary to 0.64.16 for osx 10.12, but since brew dropped the universal option already it becomes hard, it's possible but it must be done from scratch, and since I have almost no feedback at all for osx, it's not worth the trouble, clearly.


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