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Visible area modifications

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I'm trying to change some resolutions (Gang Buster, Thunder Cross, Gladiator, MadCrash) in thunderx.cpp and snk.cpp but so far I really don't know how this can be done with all these recent changes. From what I can see I cannot use MCFG_ anymore. Any advise, please?


Seems I don't fully understand how to use m_screen and screen parameters. I didn't have any problems with system1.

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I haven't understood how the new mechanism works too but this should work for example for thunderx.cpp

subdevice<screen_device>("screen")->set_visarea(14*8, (64-14)*8-1, 2*8, 30*8-1);

You must put this in the derived machine_config you want to modify. In thunderx.cpp for example you should find SCONTRA(CONFIG) in the derived machine_configs and add the line.

In this way you can also change refresh rate and so on.

Hope this helps.

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And that did the trick in both cases. So, I can directly screen from it's defined device.


I'll again convince Robbert to implement patches for Thunder Cross and Gang Busters. Those black borders are really annoying :/




Many thanks MameSick for help and Happy New Year to You :))

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