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ARCADE 0.205


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Mamesick, you can always take this project back whenever you want. I'm finding I don't have enough time as I'd like to dedicate to it.

It won't happen. Too much bad things happened when I was the mantainer of MAMEUIFX and the haters are still there. So feel free to leave if you wish. It's an hobby, not a paid job.

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Oh no please don't kill ARCADE it's the only exc. that doesn't include all the non arcade roms & if i knew how to compile an exc. I would do it each month. Mamesick you can always maintain ARCADE under a different name & if I got shown how to do things properly i will help when i can & i'm pretty sure others will too.

ARCADE is number 1 thanks to all that contribute

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Due to an extended (and very hot) heatwave, I will NOT be releasing anything this month.

You can either try compiling it yourself, or you can wait until 27th of February (assuming it's cool enough then).



EDIT: i can do it on Friday 1st of February.

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I just wanna say thank you for the hard work you people doing this.

I hope those who complain users will suffer of hard drive pain data.

I hope one day they will learn how to respect Arcade Fans Only.

I will not support mame until FBA will be released.

Enjoy the pain mame devs. tired of their bullshit rules.


PS: I'm not in to reddit's place, it's a website with full complete retarded people just use fake accounts using tor to spread bad words.

I'm suffering as well this on DeviantArt.

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Great thanks from Ukraine for that the project lives despite everything. :praiseyou:


I know that many users stopped writing here, and this could be the reason for the finish in future.

But at the end of each month I am waiting for the new release anyway. These sleepless nights with a mass ROMs re-packaging to the 7z format only hardened me, a simple low (or private) software analytic. For a long time I'm waiting the reunion of classic MAME, MAME Home Brew and Non-MAME (Final Burn Alpha) into the single Arcade Universe. With the support of the Kaillera network game.


You say - it's not a job, but a hobby. I am totally agree. But practice has shown - this hobby that gives more interest capabilities MORE BETTER, than routine office standards, which don't care about the wishes of users. And we need to pay for this apparently.


So that was it.


But that's just words. The words of support and belief that everything will be OK. And I believe sincerely that Robert's and Mamesick's projects won't abandoned.

LONG LIVE! :jester:

P. S. And traditionally sorry for bad English)))

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