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MAMEoXtras v2.1 (new update)


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MAMEoXtras v2.1
by gamezfan


whats new

New games now supported
Bubble Bobble (Prototype On Tokio Hardware)
DoDonPachi Dai-Ou-Jou
DoDonPachi Dai-Ou-Jou Black Label
In Your Face

Games fixed and now working
Fighters History
The Killing Blade (Via protection improvements new Rom required)

Games now with improved sound
Crazy Balloon
Knights Of Valour / Sangoku Senki
Knights of Valour Plus / Sangoku Senki Plus
Oriental Legend / Xi Yo Gi Shi Re Zuang
Oriental Legend Special / Xi Yo Gi Shi Re Zuang Special (tencent version unprotected)
Photo Y2k
Puzzle Star
The Killing Blade

toaplan improvements
Ported a new video file from ShmupMAME which fixes some graphical problems
in the Toaplan 1 games and brings all of them up to full speed with no more slowdowns
for the following games.......

Demon's World / Horror Story
Fire Shark / Same! Same! Same!
Out Zone
Rally Bike / Dash Yarou
Truxton / Tatsujin
Zero Wing

Added proper HD647180 sound for Ghox and removed the samples which are no longer needed

General Fixes And Improvements
New custom sound for Crazy Balloon adding music and extra SFX which were missing before
Hooked up the CPU protection and decryption for Gardia game now playable
Added Bubble Bobble Prototype to the bublbob driver
Added In Your Face to the megasys1 driver
Hooked up the HD647180 sound MCU for Ghox
Fixed flickering graphical problems and random crashes with certain moves in Fighters History
Updated the Killing Blade protection game should be 100% now
Ported the toaplan 1 video file from ShmupMAME removing severe slowdowns in the games
Added support for the Cave PGM games plus then updated and vastly improved the sound for the Cave PGM shmups and to a lesser extent all the rest of the PGM games via a new custom ICS2115 soundcore many thanks to ShmupMAME and amadvance for the original code.

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