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ARCADE 0.200


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I collect Mame roms, but not the CHD games, that don't work.

That's why I ask if the following would be possible:


I have as icons the normal chips. A grey chip tells me that there're some or all files missing.

Because I'm only interested in working CHD games, it would be great to have 2 different grey chips:

one grey/green for a working game and one grey/red for a not working game, both with missing files.


That would be soooooooooo cool.

So I could see that I miss files when a grey/green icon would appear.

I wouldn't care about a grey/red.

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I always wonder why all the non working roms arn't removed until there working as it would save you loads of hard drive space especially on a lappy top.

Having the roms that don't work are really just for those that's actually trying to get them to work but I do see another side to it that if loads of people have all the roms then you'll never be stuck in finding someone that has a rom or chd that you need for when they do work.


It is possible to compile MAME with just the working roms as a version of MAME, Plus used to do a version.


I can't even compile any version of MAME so i'm thankful for what there is, if ARCADE suddenly stops compiling i'm in trouble, if there's anybody out there that has the patience to show me through TeamViewer how to compile ARCADE then hit me a PM. Please don't say well there's youTube videos so go & watch them as i've tried loads of times & still no joy even MAME for dummies goes straight over my head. I AM NOT SMARTER THAN A 10 YR OLD. lol

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