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Pcsxbox - Psx Emulator For Xbox V23 (new update)


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Pcsxbox - Psx Emulator For Xbox V23
by madmab

* Added in XA volume attenuation code from pcsx_re-armed. This fixes the issue of the radio always playing in GTA 2. This should also fix any games that rely on setting the XA volume to 0 to "turn off" sound or music. Volume/control issues which existed in games that use XA for music should also be fixed.

* Added in option to "Enable XA Attenuation (GTA 2, etc)- Yes/No". It defaults to No. Although setting it to Yes fixes GTA 2 and possibly some other games having it on may cause a slight framerate loss and also some games seem to end up with distorted XA audio when using this code. So for now we default to off. Set it to "on" if you suspect that a game that uses XA audio is not properly functioning. Just keep in mind that the framerate may drop some or the XA audio in cutscene movies may sound distorted as a result.

* Added global configuration option to "Show Playstation Logo Yes/No". You can find it in Configuration->Global Emu Specific Options. I'm sure XtecuterX73 will be a happy camper now. :D

* Added in the multitap code from pcsx re-armed. This allows many more "multitap" capable games to work correctly. Previously the multitap option appeared to only work with "Micro machines v3". The new code has been tested with the following games. Crash Bash, Crash Team Racing, MicroMachines, NBA Hangtime, NBA Jam, Rampage Through Time and Rampage 2: Universal Tour. Two games that do not appear to operate correctly are Blast Chamber and College Slam. However this could just be other core related issues because those games seem to only function under the 1.5r core which handles the aforementioned multitap games just fine.

* Mouse control now works for all cores. For some reason I had it only set for core 1.5. (Doh!)

* Added in pcsx re-armed CD code for core 1.5 the "Use new CD code" has options No, Yes and Re-Armed now. I have no idea if the Re-Armed cd code has any advantage over the other ones. The only thing I do know is that Rayman does not work with it.

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