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Display history on parent rom?


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Later MAME versions have changed the way the history of a game is displayed, for the worst IMO. Instead of showing it when you click the main/parent rom, like it used to, it only shows it on the original (i assume) version of a game. So if you want to read about the trivia/history of a game, you have to look for the original, usually Japan version of the rom, somewhere in the clones list because the parent isn't the original version, it's always the later version of a game/rom and most of the time it's the English version.


This is very inconvenient. Not only because the parent rom is usually the best version to play (so you don't have to click anywhere else) but also because some people, like myself, choose to filter clones and only display parents so you always have the only version you need and not have, like, thousands of different versions on display. But if you do this then you lose access to this information, basically. Since you have to click on a clone to see the main information/history.


Can this be changed somehow and be able to reed all the information when you click on the parent rom?



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Unfortunately this is not a MAME change/fault. The people that mantain and update on every new release the History Database made this change and it's very unlikely they will revert it to old behaviour.

I agree with you, how it is now it's pretty useless try to read the history info for (example) Tiger Road (US) because it will say you to go to the Japan version to have all the info.

But as I said, it doesn't depend by MAME itself.

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