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Updated the debian package, finally !


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This is the result of my experiments with docker, I finally built a debian i386 image in my gentoo using docker and used it to update the raine package.

Signing the package was a mess because of pinentry mysterious "permission denied" messages, but oh well, finally it works...

As a surprise, the binary seems to be totally compatible between debian and gentoo...


It's an updated thihng by the way, I played with the source again while we had a lot of rain, so there are toaplan1 fixes inside, console fixes, and fairy land story becomes fully playable with sound (hacking its 68705 with the tools to recompile it was insane, but it's another story... !). I should also update the history package one day because I made a script to make the recent versions much smaller, but I lost the files to rebuild it and I am too lazy to rebuild it from scratch now.


Oh well, I don't expect to have any feedback for this, but it should work.

The displayed version is still 0.64.15, even if it has more things inside !


Ah yes I also included a hack to skip the slow display of the copyright page in ddonpach.

tnzs sets have been reviewed, some dips fixed.

For toaplan1 : vimana got sound, graphics alignment and priorities fixes for most games, and added some clones for demonwld and outzone (some useful ones which really change the game !)

And some small gui fixes as often... !


I didn't actually expect to release this now, but since the debian package build succeeded, here it is !


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