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MAME72 Release 6 2018 (new update)

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An update to MAME 72 Release2 for the xbox 360 originally coded by lantus.
new update by Gamezfan.
compiled by Traace

Sourcecode included in download.

Primal Rage (now working and playable with sound,only the version 2.0 rom is working,so use that one)
Tmek (now working)

added an alternative cheat file as some games do not have cheats with the cheat file usually included with this release.
games like battle garegga,night slashers.....do not have cheats.
i have put the new cheat.dat file in a folder called "alternative cheat dat file" in the general folder.
just change around the cheat.dat files if you want to use the new cheat file.

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