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ARCADE 0.192


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ARCADE 32/64 0.192 are released.




- You can right-click on a game and get the contents of the "info" panel into Notepad. This lets you have both the game and the notes on the screen at the same time.

- The download is now a full package with all needed files. There's no need to download MAME as well.

- Included 17 bonus glsl shaders, thanks to Mamesick.

- The definition of what games are included has been refined, so there's a number of extra games added.



Download location: http://arcade.mameworld.info/



If there's bugs, post them here, but take notice of the provisos in the Welcome thread.


Also, due to the recent unreliability of this forum, bugs can also be logged in Github at https://github.com/Robbbert/store1/issues .

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Im glad they finally fixed the rotation and zooming in the Namco Classics Collection Vol. 1 and 2.

Thanks for this update, but i already got the latest version before you posted this.

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