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ARCADE 0.190


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ARCADE 32/64 are released.




- Fixed problem with it running on XP

- Fixed blue progress bar

- A new caching mechanism was added. This fixes incorrect reporting of a game's status, and speeds up the start time of the GUI.

- If the game doesn't support save states, then the options to save and load save states are greyed out.

- You should delete gui\gamestat.ini before starting ARCADE 0.190 for the first time, otherwise some weird bugs might occur. Then press F5.



As always, the releases only have the binary. Any other needed files come with the standard MAME from mamedev.org.



Download location: http://arcade.mameworld.info/



If there's bugs, post them here, but take notice of the provisos in the Welcome thread.

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Tourvision uses a software-list, like MESS consoles do. ARCADE doesn't have software facilities. You need to start up Tourvision, then press Tab and use the internal File Manager to load your roms.


Or, if you want all the GUI features, then use MAMEUI.

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There is a problem with pocket gal, it runs too fast, there is the same problem with all games with the driver pcktgal.cpp.

It is very strange because in the arcade source, this driver is not present, so not modified.

No problem with original mame, hard to understand.

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