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DAT viewing


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Does Arcade support the viewing of DAT files ingame such as Command,dat and GameInit.dat. I can see the DAT file information in the GUI before launching a game but not within the in game menus where you can configure the controller mapping and select dip switches.

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It shows for me.


I selected Street Fighter II Championship Edition (sf2ce), press Tab, chose External DAT View, and there's the info.


You may have to configure ini\ui.ini to point to your DAT folder.



The only difference is that the External DAT View shows the command buttons with special symbols, but the GUI is not able to display those symbols.

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Here is a copy and paste of my ui.ini. Please tell me if I am missing anything.


historypath dats
extrainipath folders
cabinets_directory cabinets;cabdevs
cpanels_directory cpanel
pcbs_directory pcb
flyers_directory flyers
titles_directory titles
ends_directory ends
marquees_directory marquees
artwork_preview_directory "artwork preview;artpreview"
bosses_directory bosses
logos_directory logo
scores_directory scores
versus_directory versus
gameover_directory gameover
howto_directory howto
select_directory select
icons_directory icons
covers_directory covers
ui_path ui
remember_last 1
enlarge_snaps 1
forced4x3 1
use_background 1
skip_biosmenu 0
skip_partsmenu 0
info_audit_enabled 0
hide_romless 1
infos_text_size 0.75
font_rows 30
hide_main_panel 0
ui_border_color ffffffff
ui_bg_color ef101030
ui_clone_color ff808080
ui_dipsw_color ffffff00
ui_gfxviewer_color ef101030
ui_mousedown_bg_color b0606000
ui_mousedown_color ffffff80
ui_mouseover_bg_color 70404000
ui_mouseover_color ffffff80
ui_selected_bg_color ef808000
ui_selected_color ffffff00
ui_slider_color ffffffff
ui_subitem_color ffffffff
ui_text_bg_color ef000000
ui_text_color ffffffff
ui_unavail_color ff404040
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Hi everybody i'm not that good in getting DATS to work as when MAMEUIFX ended i had to start using MAMEUI & my DATS was working & I could see how to use special moves & other stuff but ever since I noticed that ARCADE had taken over MAMEUIFX I have never been able to get any of my DATS to work I use HYPERSPIN too & my DATS used to work when using HYPERSPIN but neither work now. I have taken screen shots for y'all to see if I ave to delete any folders & I can take more if needed to elp wit tis problem of mine. Any elp is really appreciated.







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