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(PC Engine CD) Cycho Rider (new release)


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Cycho Rider for pc engine cd.
released by the blu-demon

Cycho Rider is a caravan style mini game found in Seiya Monogatari anEarth Stories released in 1995 for the PC Engine. This is the stand alone release put out by PCE Works.

Cycho Rider, like Force Gear, is another shooter that provides players with a bite-sized bullet hell tour de force. Originally included as a mini-game in Hudson Soft’s PC Engine RPG Seiya Monogatari: AnEarth Fantasy Stories, Cycho Rider straps players to the seat of a motorcycle hurtling through the cosmos to battle waves of enemies and massive bosses in a two-minute thrill ride.

Though it’s short, the game still throws an impressive variety of enemies at our cosmic biker. Thankfully there are plenty of power-ups, like the ever-destructive 8-way shot, to help give you a fighting chance as you battle dozens of enemy ships at once. With the tap of a button you can also switch to a laser to deliver a powerful focused shot in exchange for the standard blast’s considerable crowd control benefits. Giant robots pushing what looks to be massive shopping carts full of ghosts will appear from time to time. Blasting these bots to bits will free these smiling specters, which you can then collect and watch your score climb into the stratosphere.

While Cycho Rider feels like the crown jewel of all the caravan shooters in many ways with its gorgeous visuals and breakneck pace, it’s not without its faults. The most nagging problem to rear its head during my time with the game occurred when battling the game’s giant dragon boss. Switching weapons in this battle made the music suddenly stop, and it wouldn’t resume until I started a new game. Considering just how fantastic the music is, this oversight is a crying shame. Despite this nagging issue, Cycho Rider is a wild ride that you’ll certainly come back to time and time again, and the ability to choose from several different game speeds adds plenty of replay value to this high-energy shootout. This is a bin file, enjoy!

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