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ARCADE 0.185


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I think you didint readed the problem i said, so im goin to say it again

There is a problem that keeps happening to me


Yesterday i got a Steam Controller, so i decided to try Arcade with it, so i need to go in Big Picture mode to make the controller works, but everytime i try to start a game, the emulator crashes, i tried different video modes but that didint worked

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I wrote this here along the flow of the conversation.

Namco NB1 hack also breaks some graphics of Nebulas Ray.
So I modified it a bit.

namconb1_state::video_update_common in src/mame/video/namconb1.cpp

// MAMEFX start
            if (m_pos_irq_level != 0 && pri >= 5) // raster interrupt enabled (special priority cases)
                if (pri == 5) c123_tilemap_draw( screen, bitmap, cliprect, pri );
                if (cliprect.max_y == visarea_sprites.max_y) // no raster on sprites?? faster!
                    if (pri != 5) c123_tilemap_draw( screen, bitmap, visarea_sprites, pri );
                    c355_obj_draw(screen, bitmap, visarea_sprites, pri );
                c123_tilemap_draw( screen, bitmap, cliprect, pri );
                c355_obj_draw(screen, bitmap, cliprect, pri );
// MAMEFX end

I tested Nebulas Ray and some other games and it's probably okay.

And it isn't related to above hack

TIMER_DEVICE_CALLBACK_MEMBER(namconb1_state::scantimer) in src/mame/drivers/namconb1.cpp


Change to

m_screen->update_partial(posirq_scanline - 1);

This fixes stage 5 warp effect of Nebulas Ray. (You can also see it in attract demo)

P.S. Sorry about my Google-translated lousy English :oops:

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Very good catch, demonkatze. I never went into the game with the necessary attention and yes, my old hack was breaking some things in later levels. So thank you for this improved version. :)

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mamesick, I'm the one who should thank you.
Without your wonderful hack I wouldn't have been able to do it.
Actually I’m not familiar with programming, but I'm happy if I have been helpful to you. :-D

Robert, Thank you as always so fast release.
Have a nice holiday! Please take your time and relax. :cat:

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