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ARCADE 0.184


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ARCADE 32/64 are released.




- added cleaned-up code from MAME4RAGE2 to allow Primal Rage 2 to be somewhat playable (still has many bugs).





As always, the releases only have the binary. Any other needed files come with the standard MAME from mamedev.org.



Download location: http://arcade.mameworld.info/



If there's bugs, post them here, but take notice of the provisos in the Welcome thread.

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Thanks bro))))
What about audit option for detection missing original / clones (or their files) in the ROM-7-zip merge archive?

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The emulator is unaware if you use 7z or zip, and unaware if your sets are split or merged. Those things are handled deep in the MAME core.


A full audit will reveal anything that's missing.


You could also at the command line use the -verifyroms function which can look at a subset of games. You need to direct the output to a file.


arcade puckman -verifyroms > some.txt

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Robert, I have a problem. I am playing normally and suddenly the mouse cursor appears and locks joystick, which is released only when I press the mouse button!



EDIT: I tried again and the problem continues. In the official Mame the problem also happens. But this is happening in football games. Example: the whole series (Super Sidekicks). Will it be a bug? Please test and tell if you have the problem too!




EDIT DEFINITELY: I reinstalled the operating system and everything works perfectly. It was not a bug the problem was in my machine. Now everything works 100%

Edited by Rodridie
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Click on the Advanced tab, then look for the "Seconds to run" slider on the right. Change this to exactly 1, by clicking on the control and using left/right arrow keys.


Thank you so much Robert. It worked perfectly, wonder! :wink::-):-D:worship::thumbsup1:



Please also see about this possible mouse cursor bug I reported above!

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