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Missing option External DAT View on ARCADE 0.183


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Hi, sorry to bother you, I'm having trouble with ARCADE and hoping you can help me.


I'm trying to view in-game the contents of command.dat (placed it in dats folder), but the TAB menu doesn't display this option, I remember MAMEUIFX 0.175 had it but in ARCADE 0.183, for me at least, seems that "External DAT View" is missing; the option in the following screenshot (not mine, got it from the web) never appears for me:




Could you please help? Am I missing some configuration?


Thank you very much in advance.


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Thank you very much!!! That was it!


I read before somewhere about the plugins folder, and before running out of options, I made sure that the plugins folder existed and had content inside. But I had just left the files from a previous MAME version there, and that was the problem. Just downloaded MAMEUI 0.183, replaced my old plugins folder with the files that come in that package, and the External DAT View automatically appeared.


Again, thanks a lot for your help, and keep up the awesome work on ARCADE.

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