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I added the extra code in the supplied source but it made no difference, still a black screen.


It seems a lot of other things have changed between 0.168 and 0.183.





EDIT: oops left out one thing, now it works.


Need to see if it affects other games in that driver, and if so, how to work around it.

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OK all done and working as best as can be expected.


Please take note of the notes that came with MAME4RAGE2:

The following emulation issues still exist:


1. The game crashes if left on the Attract Mode

2. The game crashes on the 2 player conquered lands screen

3. The game crashes when you lose in 1 player mode and the other player presses start

4. The game crashes when there are no winners and you try to continue

5. Some character names are not announced at the character select screen

6. Sometimes after continuing the character select screen will make a loud screeching noise when you select a character

7. Longer load times compared to the actual cabinet

And Possibly Many More Issues!



Playing 2 players without crashing:

To play 2 player mode without having the game crash on the 2 player conquered lands screen the loser must get a game over and then press start on the vs screen. Be sure to game over on the conquered lands screen if playing on Necrosan's Soul or else you will get a character ending!

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