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ARCADE 0.183


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maybe you should start from scratch:

download standard mame 183 from mame.net from https://github.com/mamedev/mame/releases/download/mame0183/mame0183b_64bit.exe and unzip it in a folder

download arcade.exe an put it in the same folder

now replace \ini subfolder with mine

if this way does not work maybe there's something wrong with your pc or configuration....


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I like that the new version forces me to unpack normal MAME minus the stuff below the folders which I can delete first. It just gives me the option I've always wanted to be able to try out the MESS systems as well in it although I probably won't but it is an option for me now.


Edit: Or maybe not as removing the bottom feeding stuff gives me straight arcade which is also great as an arcade update with no extra frills is also great as I'm not likely tto use MESS anyway as a serius emulator maybe for farting around in but thats it.


MESSUI exists and it's the same but for MESS anyway. Arcade doesn't need to change to include them because they are what makes Robert's other platform anyway and so is PinMAME thats got it's own platform now although may or may not have a UI version so I'm not bothered that removing the clutter below the folders got rid of MESS in the new havee to download MAME first setup to be honest as if I wanted it I can just get his MESS UI.


I do wish the out of date M1FX or should I say Arcade FX could get a real update as in running game music from the original xml set so it already has every game it's compatible with in a list without having to do that silly custom list anymore.


Ok some of the sound source has been renamed to a .cpp or whatever it was but I'm sure it could be renamed back or even built in the new extensioned versions as it's the same audio sources with only a changed extension from the originals.


With the new search option in all of the modern Windows you can just bung in a name of one of the original files in the old source press enter and click on one and it would send you to the full folder where the new versions of the audio files are kept and all of them still exist in the new code.


I'd imagine we can also get the audio for the consoles in as a cosmetic improvement for M1FX with the source as well although the Arcade filters the games themselves to only show arcades.


I think M1FX as it's a different project that only hooks up to Arcade as a shortcut thing can be complete then Arcade as many of the sound chips run console too anyway plus it isn't really a all new rehash of M1 FX if it doesn't run every audio in the new source.


HBMAME and MESSUI are the ones for the other stuff by the same guy who does Arcade. Arcade is the one which does the main arcade. But M1FX if maintained new style can be something that can be optionally linked to all 3 but will run music from all 3 as a standalone as well.


I think a real M1FX upgrade which even beats original M1 because that never did get the real new upgrade to it's audio sources would be a great thing for all 3 Robert MAME Emulators as the original M1 auther can't be bothered to maintain his own thing anymore and mamesick's one was only cosmetic changes to make the original portable and give it a good UI.


M1FX update is the big one for my wishlist for all 3 versions because for all intensive purpose it is possible to do with a little renaming treatment back to the old codes extensions so a new version could be made out of the existing code with the new audio patches.


Linking it to work with games in the real xmls within MAME instead of that silly old custom one which was a daft way of doing it which took time and a load of games are missing because of that old setup might be the hardist part of compiling an update to it though because that might not be able to be done but in the XML's it's set up in a CRC format just like the crap one is so it should be able to be done but it might not be as easy as the XML's being a CRC format like the silly one was because in the silly one on some games you seen a hex or sound code on them as well but surely if it can load the proper rom info from the XML it would stop the need for them but it might not in realization.

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