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ARCADE 0.180


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Hi, Robert :-)


File "Multiplayer.ini" v178 works with no problem with Arcade. Version 179 and 180 does not show. The problem is with less spaces between entries in newer versions of Multiplayer.ini :-)

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Robbberto, I meant to ask you this a few weeks ago...


With the release of ARCADE32 v 0.179, I had to switch the video mode from Direct3D to GDI because if I didn't it would crash since you explained that the MAME devs got rid of some of the code that allowed older video cards to run it in Direct3D. So I thought I was stuck with using GDI. But with the new release of ARCADE32 v0.180, I was delighted to see Direct3D is working for me again. So I'm just curious why is this?


My video card: 128 MB ATI Radeon X300 SE

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