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ARCADE 0.179


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The games are there but the error was a validation failure.


cobram3 missing its parent cobra --> removed cobram3


Thanks for noticing this. :-)

Hi, Robert, thanks for your great work again :-)

cobram3 is a cool and working rom.

But it needs the not working parent rom cobra.

Please reactivate cobram3, the only missing working CHD game.


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Thanks again for mantaining MAMEUIFX alive!

Im having some troubles while compiling arcade64.

The error is "No rule to make target" with mamevers.rc file.

I want to compile Arcade64 once time a week, i like to mantain my bartop updated weekly :-D (wait for a month is very bored xD).

I'm applying your 0.179 patch to newer mame github source code. Before aplying the patch, i compare every file between the patch and the mame source, to merge them correctly mantaining new mame source variations, and then compile.

I'm having no other compile errors, but mamevers.rc is not being generated. Then compiling stops.

Can you help me? i've been googling, but i cant find how to solve this.

Thanks !!!

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@Pulky: I do not have Windows 8.1, however I've seen the occasional complaint of MAME being slow to start games, so that might be your issue.



@Lucasweb: Are you sure you have all the source files? It *just works* for me.

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