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MESSUI 0.178 released


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Finally got around to releasing MAMEUI 0.178.


However MAMEUI has issues that make its demise inevitable.

1. Cannot handle software lists, or any of the other new stuff which is the direction MAME is going.

2. Lots of negative comments, seems nobody likes it much now anyway.


So, it is quite possible that 0.178 will be the last release unless I get a lot of people requesting it stays.

Anyone who wants a winui MAME for all emulators is advised to use MESSUI (full version) instead.



Now, next thing is that MESSUI (MESS-only version) will no longer have monthly version-dot releases as there is no point any more.

It will still be released as bleeding-edge (32 bit only) about each 1-2 weeks.

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